How create a Proof Application?

Creating a Proof application is very simple. Login to your Proof account first then click on + Create App option in left-side menubar.
A popup will appear to let you select a data source for your App.

Create App Option
App Data Source

This will take you inside 'Integration' module. This is the place where you will configure your Proof application. Few thing you need to care about are App Domain, App Event & App Type

Integration Module

App Domain: It's the domain name of your website where the Proof App will be installed. For example, If you want to install the Proof App in then is your App Domain.

App Domain Example

App Event: It's the Text which will show on the popup bubble, here Recently joined PROOF is the App Event in the example bellow.

App Event Example

App Type: In order to 'App Type' a Proof App can be either Sales App or Webinar/Optin App If you want to pull Sales data from your data source then the App is a 'Sales App'. On other hand if you want to pull Webinar Registration or Opt in data from your data source then the App is a 'Webinar/Optin App'